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The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock in the 21st Century

The world-famous Black Forest Cuckoo Clock is still being produced today in the 21st century! The models vary in design, including leaf-designs with birds and owls, hunting designs with animals from the forest, and house designs carved or lovingly decorated with many small details.  You can choose between clocks with a one-day or one-week clock movement, night shut-off and music. These extras have been added over the years.

My Birdy - Modern Cuckoo Clock

My Birdy – Modern Cuckoo Clock

Some new designs of the Cuckoo Clock, show a complete new design – called “Bauhaus”. This clocks are equipped with modern electronic parts, but build with the same love for small details as the traditional cuckoo clocks. A great example for this kind of design is “My Birdy” – a clean and well made original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock. Maybe it looks very nice in your penthouse or your porsche or private art gallery. Well, it´s a step forward in Cuckoo Clock Design for customers that love a clear line.

Over the years, many small clockmaker factories have been founded  in the Black Forest, and have developed many international connections.

The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock is much more than a souvenier—its development here impacted the Black Forest immensely, and is a small piece of our homeland that makes the Black Forest citizens very proud.

More interesting information, about the history of the Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks can be found here:


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