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Spread of the Clockmaking Craft in the Black Forest

The Spread of the Clockmaking Craft in the Black Forest
The Black Forestman Friedrich Dilger brought suitable tools and construction improvements to the Cuckoo Clock industry when he came here from France. As a result, the quiet winter season was used to concentrate on making Cuckoo Clocks. Through specialisation, over time, individual occupations developed, including carpenters for the clock cabinets, clockface designers and clockface painters, wire pullers, gear makers, sprocket-wheel and spiral manufacturers, and carvers.

Around 1808 in Triberg and the surrounding area, many new jobs were created as the clockmaking factories earned their „daily bread“. As a result, in the year 1850 the „Greater Ducal Badenish Clockmaker School“ was founded in the neighboring city of Furtwangen, and is still alive and running today.

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