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Cuckoo Clocks with mechanical movement from the Black Forest

Black Forest Clock tradition in its purest form – this is the original cuckoo clock with mechanical movement. In the House of 1000 Clocks Online Shop or in one of our three stores in Triberg – directly at the famous Triberg Waterfalls – See a huge selection certainly your favorite model.

Even the operation of such original Cuckoo from the Black Forest is in the truest sense of the word by hand. Your movement is mechanical, which means: It is operated without battery or solar power. Only a complicated work of gears, levers and linkages ensures that they reliably indicates the time.

Is wound Original Black Forest cuckoo clock with mechanical movement by means of two weights that are designed traditionally in the form of pine cones. Each of these weights hanging on a chain and has to be pulled up. The movement is driven by the weight of pine cones, slowly pull the strings at run time down, affecting the mechanical movement going.

Incidentally, the cuckoo of the original from the Black Forest cuckoo clock is driven mechanically. Every hour the mechanism ensures that the door opens, the cuckoo looks from his house and his reputation can resound. A call here means 1 and 13 clock, two calls 2 or 14 clock and so on.

In the House of 1000 Clocks You can choose between two different forms of the original Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock with mechanical or Movement: variants with 1-day movement must be raised every 24 hours. Models with 8-day movement once a week.

Buy your original mechanical cuckoo clock from the Black Forest in House of 1000 Clocks, go the way it safe, really a traditional original to obtain. As a member of the Association of Black Forest (VDS), we guarantee you the exclusive sale of VDS-certified cuckoo clocks.

Each model so you get a VDS certificate of authenticity. It guarantees that your original cuckoo clock was made exclusively in the Black Forest, and that it works mechanically, without quartz movement, battery or solar cells. In addition, all items must be made in the Black Forest. All Original Black Forest cuckoo clocks with mechanical movement must meet these high quality standards.

Visit us why in the House of 1000 Clocks in our online shop or one of our three stores in Triberg – perhaps when visiting the Triberg Waterfalls. An Original Black Forest cuckoo clock with mechanical movement is an ideal souvenir of their vacation in the Black Forest and a charming gift for friends and relatives.

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